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Anantya Serengeti

Welcome to Anantya Serengeti! Nestled in the Serengeti National Park, prepare for an unforgettable wildlife adventure. Please note that park fees are separate, shared game drives are available via Seronera Airstrip, and accurate route advice is crucial for road travellers.

We are delighted to extend a warm welcome to you as you prepare for your upcoming visit to Anantya Serengeti.

Here's some important information to ensure your stay is unforgettable:


Anantya Serengeti is nestled within the stunning Serengeti National Park, promising an unmatched wildlife adventure.

Park Fees:

Please be aware that our room rates do not cover Tanzania National Park Authorities’ (TANAPA) park fees, including entrances and concessions.

These fees are payable separately.

Game Drives:

Enjoy shared game drives exclusively available to guests arriving and departing via Seronera Airstrip. Transfers to Arusha incur additional costs due to the single transfer arrangement.

Travel by Road:

If you're traveling to or from Serengeti by road, kindly provide your full flight details, including landing and departure times. Travel to Serengeti can take up to seven hours, so accurate route advice crucial, especially for guests intending to visit the crater.

Park Fee Payment:

You have the freedom to pay park fees through us or at the gate upon entering the park. However, please note that paying at the gate may involve delays and administrative procedures with park rangers.

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