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Anantya Serengeti

Embark on a journey like no other with Anantya Serengeti's Balloon Safari—an enchanting adventure that promises breath-taking views and unforgettable memories.

Elevate Your Safari Experience

Picture yourself drifting gently above the Serengeti plains as the first light of dawn paints the landscape in hues of gold and pink. Our Balloon Safari offers a unique perspective of the stunning wildlife and natural wonders that make Serengeti a world-renowned destination.

Witness the Serengeti plains like never before

Book Your Skies, Reserve Your Spot

As our cherished guest, you have the exclusive opportunity to book this extraordinary experience directly with us. For just$599 per person, you can elevate your safari to new heights and witness the beauty of Serengeti from the skies.

Memorable memories

Why Choose Anantya?

At Anantya Serengeti, we prioritize not just your stay but also the moments that make your journey truly remarkable. Our Balloon Safari is designed to add that extra touch of magic to your safari adventure, creating memories that last a lifetime.

We stand for luxury

How to Book

Securing your spot in the sky is simple. Guests staying with us can easily book the Balloon Safari service directly through our guest app or by contacting our friendly staff. Don't miss this chance to make your Serengeti experience truly extraordinary.

Join Us Above the Serengeti

Come and be a part of the magic. Book your Balloon Safari with Anantya Serengeti and elevate your safari experience to new heights.

Limited slots available, reserve yours now!

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